What is the integration of maintenance and repair of high pole lights

Summary:1.Maintenance of transmission mechanism.(1) Maintenance can be carried out after the hanging plate is lowered to the support. During maintenance, firs
1.Maintenance of transmission mechanism.
(1) Maintenance can be carried out after the hanging plate is lowered to the support. During maintenance, first remove oil stains, check whether the wire rope is broken, rusted, worn, etc., and whether the wire rope joint is loose.

(2) Check whether the worm gear teeth are worn, whether there is axial movement of the worm, and whether the gears are worn.

(3) Check whether each fastening screw is loose.

(4) When the lubricating grease is too dirty, it should be replaced. It should be ensured that the worm gear has enough lubricating oil. It is strictly forbidden to work with little or no oil.

(5) The maintenance and overhaul of high pole lights are carried out once a quarter, mainly based on inspection, and problems are found to be solved in time, and parts and components that are severely worn or damaged should be replaced in time.

(6) The external motor should be dedicated to a special machine and managed by a special person.

2. Overhaul of the transmission mechanism.
(1) Check the motor lifting handle and whether the cable is in good condition, replace the damaged parts, the overhaul of the high pole lamp is carried out once a year, and the wear of the worm gear, worm, gear, bearing, pulley and shaft should be comprehensively checked.

(2) When the worm gear and the worm meshing surface have worn deep grooves, they should be replaced.

(3) Check whether the wire rope has broken strands, and fasten the buckle at the connection to prevent the wire rope from breaking and falling off during the lifting and lowering of the lamp panel. It should be replaced (the wire rope is replaced regularly every five years). To replace the wire rope, the person will carry the new wire to the top of the pole together with the hanging plate. The connection of the tap reel, etc. is firm, and the lifting operation can only be carried out after checking that it is correct.

(4) When the inner and outer rings of the bearing are in contact with each other when rolling, and the cracks are serious, they should be replaced.

(5) When the matching clearance between the shaft and the roller, the shaft and the pulley and the bearing seat is greater than 0.5mm, it should be replaced according to the situation.

(6) Check whether the motor is in good condition, and the maintenance of the motor. When the high pole lamp with counterweight is lowered for maintenance, fix the lamp panel and the lamp body to prevent the lamp panel from rising due to weightlessness during the maintenance process.

(7) Lifting the high-pole light Use the lift operation handle to electrically operate the high-pole light, and street light manufacturers try to avoid manually lifting the high-pole light.

(8) The operator stands 5 meters away from the pole light to operate, and other personnel should also stand in the safe area. No one is allowed to stand under the lamp panel when raising and lowering the pole light.

(9) As the lifting and lowering of high pole lights is a dangerous operation, work such as cleaning the bird's nest separately should be carried out together with the replacement of lighting.

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