Classification of street lamps and design principles and applications of lighting systems

Summary:Street lights can be classified according to:1. According to the height of the street lights: high pole street lights, middle pole lights, road lights
Street lights can be classified according to:
1. According to the height of the street lights: high pole street lights, middle pole lights, road lights, garden lights, lawn lights.

2. According to the material of the street lamp pole: hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, then steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp.

3. According to the street light source: sodium lamp street lamp, LED street lamp, energy-saving street lamp and new Somin xenon street lamp.

4. According to the shape: Chinese lamps, antique lamps, landscape lamps, single-arm street lamps, and double-arm street lamps.

5. If it is divided according to the way of power supply: in such city circuit lights, solar street lights and wind-solar hybrid street lights.

Street lamps involve lighting technology and are suitable for street lamps. Now the purpose is to design a long-life, low-power, high-power factor, high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp with low current harmonic content.

Modern road lighting is closely related to people's production and life, that is, with the acceleration of urbanization in our country, LED street lights are directional light, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response, high shock resistance, long service life and The advantages of green environmental protection and other advantages have gradually entered people's field of vision and become the world's most new generation of energy-saving light sources with the advantages of replacing traditional light sources. Therefore, LED street lights will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation of road lighting.

The current heat dissipation technology of LED street lamp head mostly uses the heat conduction plate method, usually a copper plate with a thickness of 5mm, but it is actually a temperature equalizing plate, and the heat source is evenly heated, then a heat sink is also installed to dissipate heat, and but The weight is too high, and the weight is very important in the street lamp head system. The height of such a general street lamp head is six meters to one, and if it is too heavy, the danger will increase, especially in the event of typhoons and earthquakes.

In the face of today's unpredictable Chinese LED street light market, LED street light manufacturers need to face it with a positive attitude, and face the challenges through continuous innovation and faster innovation of their own street light manufacturers. Our attitude towards the lighting market is based on manufacturers. It depends on the development strategy, so it is difficult for us to judge whose strategy is more forward-looking, and we can only see which has higher comprehensive capabilities.

For lighting such as a rigid need in life, the LED street lighting market prospect is also increasing day by day. What LED street lighting manufacturers should do is to devote themselves to providing lighting solutions suitable for the LED lighting market through local innovation, enhancing user experience and making smart Cities, sustainable lighting spaces and smart connected lighting become possible, thereby helping China drive sustainable urbanization.

The background of solar integrated street lighting design is that most of the outdoor lighting systems use ordinary electric lighting. Since the number of starts of energy-saving lamps will affect the service life of street lamps, it limits its application in outdoor lighting systems that need to be started frequently. Continuing to use electric street lamps for lighting will result in waste of energy. Solar integrated street lamps are developed and used in this context.

The design principle of the solar integrated street light lighting system and its application of outdoor integrated street lights should ensure that the capacity of the solar cell modules and battery packs used meets the lighting needs under the premise of ensuring that the load power supply is met, so as to minimize the integration of solar energy. The initial investment in the price of street lamps adopts the patented solar energy technology pioneered at home and abroad, and the lighting time is balanced in all seasons, and the photovoltaic system design can absorb solar radiation well even in winter.

According to the requirements of balanced charging of battery components, the daily radiation on the module surface is balanced in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the daily radiation on the module must reach the maximum value in winter, so as to increase the power generation of the module in the months when the solar radiation is strong and weak. To determine the optimal inclination angle of the component surface of the solar integrated street light and its optimal power generation current value.