The difference between traditional street lights and LED street lights and street light commissioning

Summary:The advantages of led street lights are as follows.1: LED energy-saving lamps energy-saving: LED energy-saving lamps by the power consumption of the a
The advantages of led street lights are as follows.
1: LED energy-saving lamps energy-saving: LED energy-saving lamps by the power consumption of the actual test than ordinary light bulbs save 90%, 60%-70% savings than ordinary energy-saving lamps, the same brightness, do the same thing, but the energy-saving effect is very obvious. Ordinary 60W incandescent lamp seventeen hours consume 1 degree of electricity, ordinary 10W energy-saving lamps one hundred hours consume 1 degree of electricity.

2: LED energy-saving lamps to protect eyesight: LED energy-saving lamps with DC drive, no strobe, soft light effect, eye protection is beneficial, while ordinary lamps and lanterns AC power supply has strobe blinding .

3:LE street light manufacturers D energy-saving lamps efficient: LED energy-saving lamps using high-brightness white LED, electro-optical conversion efficiency of about 90%, the heat is small, belonging to the cold light source. And ordinary lights have about 80% of electrical energy into heat, only about 20% into light energy, heat, so the use of LED energy-saving lamps to energy efficient.

4: LED energy-saving lamps ultra-long life: LED energy-saving lamps are small power semiconductor products, using semiconductor chips, no filament, no glass bubble, not afraid of vibration, not easy to break, the service life of up to 50,000 hours, ordinary incandescent lamp service life of only 1,000 hours, ordinary energy-saving lamps service life of only 8,000 hours.

5: LED energy-saving lamps environmental protection: LED energy-saving lamps use aluminum alloy and PC plastic components, does not contain lead and mercury and other harmful elements, recyclable utilization rate of 98.5% or more. It will not cause harm to the environment. While ordinary lamps and lanterns contain lead and mercury harmful elements, but also can not be recycled, and also want to dispose of garbage. Plus LED energy-saving lamps DC power supply without electromagnetic interference, and ordinary street lamp manufacturers lamps and lanterns electronic rectifier electromagnetic interference is very large.

6: LED energy-saving lamps safety: LED energy-saving lamps use aluminum alloy and PC plastic components shell, placed at home or warehouse or in transit is not easy to damage, while ordinary lamps belong to the glass vacuum products, with a certain degree of danger. LED energy-saving lamps required voltage, current is smaller, less heat, do not produce safety hazards.

Regardless of the size of solar street lights, weak performance or not, in its installation, in order to test the range of street lights, longevity, as well as its maintenance control effect, the user needs to carry out some detailed debugging operations, so as to ensure that solar street lights in the use of the process, will not be due to unforeseen circumstances and make its subsequent use in the crisis.

Control, debugging points.
First of all, we need to solar street light control system for some detailed debugging operations, on this kind of equipment can be in different seasons for lighting, street light manufacturers its light source open and closed control needs to be with the natural climate change to appear a situation, such as the use of solar street lights in the summer, then its controller will need to close the light in the morning weather gray just light, and once to Once the night, also need to open at the right time, precisely because of the existence of open and closed procedures, so the solar control system will show such a major effect.

Voltage, battery.
In addition to the control system, solar street lights are also a kind of lighting equipment is extremely concerned about the practical use of the efficacy of its use of battery power, the duration of a certain amount of time, when the battery to complete the charging operation, or perhaps now can not be rooted in electricity, the control system within the street lamp will be closed in a timely manner, so that the battery can be maintained in a stable voltage support, automated control and will not The battery can be maintained in a stable voltage support, automatic control and will not be easily damaged.

Solar street light commissioning work is certainly not limited to the above two points, but if you look at the practical use and safety protection needs, only the above-mentioned commissioning work will ensure that the street light can be used in the process of maintaining a stable condition.