How to avoid low-quality purchases due to the dispersion of LED street lights

Summary:Dispersion of LED street lights: Although the total amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface by LED street lights is very large, the ene
Dispersion of LED street lights: Although the total amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface by LED street lights is very large, the energy flux density is very low. The irradiance of radiation is the largest, so that the average solar energy received on an area of ​​1 square meter perpendicular to the direction of sunlight is about 1,000W, but according to the average day and night throughout the year, it is only about 200W, and it is only about half in winter. Cloudy days are generally only about 1/5, and LED street lights have a very low energy flow density. Therefore, when using solar energy, LED street lights need to obtain a certain conversion power. And conversion equipment, the cost is higher.

The difference between LED street lights and conventional street lights is that the LED light source adopts low-voltage DC power supply, high-efficiency white light synthesized by GaN-based power blue LED and yellow, with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response speed and color rendering index High unique advantages, that is, it can be widely used in roads, so the outer cover can be made, the high temperature resistance of street lamp manufacturers can reach 135 degrees, and the low temperature resistance can reach -45 degrees, and the characteristics of LED street lamps themselves - unidirectional light, no light Diffuse to ensure light efficiency.

LED street light 2835 warm white/white light (2700-6500K): luminous flux 20-22 or lumens 2835 patch is an upgraded product after 3014, with better overall performance and more market competitiveness. It is not the same, but it can also be replaced and used. The brightness and heat dissipation are better than 3528. It has been widely used. LED lamp beads, the lamps and lanterns using 2835 lamp beads appear more novel, special and more attractive in the market, and their competitiveness in the market can be continuously strengthened.

The lamp caps of LED street lamps are all semiconductor lighting lamps. Nowadays, light-emitting diodes are used as light sources. Because LED street lamps are a solid-state cold light source, they are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and long life. High-pressure sodium lamps are an important part of urban lighting. The traditional street lamp heads are basically high-pressure sodium lamps. High-pressure sodium lamps have the disadvantage of low luminous efficiency in the overall effect of lighting, and this disadvantage is a huge waste of energy. , Therefore, the development of new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long life, high color rendering index, environmental protection LED street lamp head is of great significance to urban lighting energy saving because of its characteristics.

In the face of the problem of environmental and energy deterioration, the emergence of solar led street lights has given people more confidence in protecting the environment. As a new type of renewable energy, solar energy has received widespread attention. The production and use of solar led street lights are used as environmentally friendly lighting. Street lights came into being, and solar energy, as a renewable energy source, is the most common and cleanest energy source on earth.

With the improvement of solar cell conversion efficiency and production technology, solar photovoltaic power generation has also begun to emerge in the lighting industry. As the main application mode of photovoltaic power generation systems in China, solar street lights are recognized and accepted by more and more people. It can be said that led The use of solar street lamps has become increasingly widespread, and at present, some problems in power, luminous efficiency and service life still have the advantages of non-street lamp manufacturers.

When choosing and using LED street lamps, it is very important to choose the application occasions suitable for the lamps you buy according to different needs, so we need to understand the LED street lamps we buy so that we will not purchase inferior products.

To avoid purchasing low-quality LED street lights, we can look at the brightness of the LED lamps. Generally, the brightness of LEDs with high power is much brighter than that of low-power LEDs. At the same time, the price of LED street lamps will be much more expensive. Identifying LED lamps Chip: The light-emitting body of LED is a chip, different chips, generally good quality and expensive chips are imported from abroad.

According to the design requirements of different LED street light manufacturers, the power supply used by LED street lights can be divided into two types: constant current power supply and constant voltage power supply. The power supply plays a central role in the service life of the entire lamp. It is burnt out, and its radiator can see the appearance of the lamp. If the external or built-in lamp is made of aluminum, it may solve the thermal effect of the lamp to achieve a better extension of the life of the lamp. The use of temperature on the LED lamp beads Longevity plays a key role.