Led Street Lights Manufacturers

Ningbo Geolide Illuminate Co., Limited was established in 2010 which is one of the China Led street lights Manufacturers and Led Street light factory.We have a team of LED Street Lighting to design, develop and manufacture our own luminaries and offer a superior range of production and service including Led Street Lighting, Led street lighting fixture,Led street lamp,Led Road Light,Led Garden Light,Led Flood Light,Led high bay Light,Led Tunnel Light,Led Wall Pack light and die casting OEM products. Our Wholesale Customize 100W led street light are tested in credible, recognized laboratories and throughout product development process they go through rigorous performance testing too. IK10 and IK09 Led Street Lights from Geolide.

The IK10 refers to the enclosure's anti-collision rating exceeding 10 (that is, the enclosure can withstand more than 20J energy for 5 times, of which the same point cannot be impacted more than 4 times). Generally, the application of IK code is that the protection level is applicable to the overall enclosure.

IK09 Protected against 10 joules impact.

Equivalent to impact of 5 kg mass dropped from 200 mm above impacted surface.

The products comply with EURO certificate and requirements and meet all current safety and technical standard. Most product have got Certificate and standard:CE,ENEC,CB ,GS,IEC,ROHS,LM80 ,LM79 ,TM21 .