High power LED fluid characteristics

Summary: LED high-power flood lights are red, green, blue LED as an energy-saving flief of the source, which combines 36 red, green, and blue LEDs. LED high-p
LED high-power flood lights are red, green, blue LED as an energy-saving flief of the source, which combines 36 red, green, and blue LEDs. LED high-power light can produce a variety of colors, the resulting color chase effect is used in buildings and decorations, LED street lights, and lamp body is made of aluminum alloy, completely sealed, and the waterproof level reaches IP65, which can adjust to light Angle, achieving satisfactory lighting effects.
All LED high-power projector housings are all die-cast aluminum, the surface is tempered glass, LED tunnel lamp, full waterproof structure design, protection level reached IP65, can adapt to various temperature environments, high-power LEDs with spotlights, irradiation long distance. Scope of application:
LED high-power project lights are especially suitable for brighting engineering, commercial places, airports, subways, elevated intersections, construction and other inside and outside of the wall.
LED high-power floods can be used in remote or DMX control, trading market, buttons switch, can achieve color chasing effect by using DMX × 3 channels, and scenes can also be regulated by lighting designers. If you don't want to use the DMX controller, you can use an external controller, which is used as convenient to DMX, for example, you can choose to use the SRCAI-100 controller, more information about the controller, you can refer to the company's controller chapter.
Performance Features: LED light source adopts imported chip, luminous efficiency is above 90Lm / W, color clearance coefficient RA is greater than 75; adopts automatic package equipment, LED panel light, import package technology, life can reach 50000 hours (10 years); Nature of secondary light distribution technology, optical distribution, lamp output light can reach more than 90%; regulator constant current driver, power factor is above 0.95; power supply efficiency is above 92%; the lamp housing uses a high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy or Stainless steel, tempered glass transparent cover, effective explosion-proof, dustproof, waterproof design; LED light optional color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, single seven color full color, LED lamp cup, optional light-emitting angle at 15 ° ~ 120 °; multiple luminaires can be external multi-function digital controllers and DMX smart console, which can generate red, green, blue 256 grayscale changes, achieve gradient, horses, chase and other brightings; appearance is beautiful, green, Energy saving, environmental protection, can be used in normal use at -40 ° C ~ 50 ° C, Guangdong car light fixture; applications: streets, communities, squares, parks, trees, exterior walls, statues, signs, etc.