Secondary light distribution matching skills for LED street lights

Summary: The computer can be dimmed, and the metal halide lamp is damaged greatly, which saves electromagnetic energy. If you find that this kind of situatio
The computer can be dimmed, and the metal halide lamp is damaged greatly, which saves electromagnetic energy.
If you find that this kind of situation should be handled properly, the color rendering of metal halide lamps is only about 23%, which has been reduced by more than 30% a year. The road surface regulations must be checked once a week and the light source must be checked once a week.
Show the three-year quality guarantee, and the color rendering of LED street lights is above 75, the light color rendering index of LED street lights is higher than that of metal halide lights, LED street lights can be used with lenses, and the color of outdoor LED street lights must be in accordance with the application The overall plan of all the people in the venue is the same. Except for the appearance and style, the lighting fixtures of the same light color can be used to indulge the dazzling style. In order to better ensure the continuous operation of the LED street lighting equipment, During rainstorms, strong winds and other temperatures, we must pay attention to moisture-proof measures to achieve the same chromaticity. After adding lenses, we can flexibly manipulate the range of sunlight and temperature control, which can be achieved under the conditions of lighting fixtures in different time periods. It is possible to reduce the output power.
Further improve the high efficiency of sunlight exposure, pay attention to the LED solar power circuit lamp controller, light control switch equipment, etc. to be checked and maintained frequently, especially the battery and LED street lamp sockets, operated by time range, LED street lamps have an automatic control system, environmental protection and energy saving Equipment, it is also necessary to check whether the battery is intact and whether there is leakage, so as to achieve environmental protection and energy saving. The annual light loss is less than 3%. From the perspective of visual effects and psychological state, there are a lot of lighting lamps and LED street lights. It is a daytime presentation. It can be used for more than 50,000 hours. The lighting and lighting should be impeccable with the overall planning characteristics of all personnel at the application site. The average light intensity of LED street lamps can be reduced by more than 20% compared with metal halide lamps.
It is necessary to immediately check whether the solar panels are offset. The appearance of the lighting fixtures should be carefully selected. The characteristics of the lighting fixtures should be paid attention to. The light of the LED street lamp should be irradiated in the area of ​​the lighting fixture. The color flashing is mainly for the lighting at night. Demonstrated special effects, secondary light distribution skills of LED street lights LED street lights have a unique secondary optical system.