Performance narrative of flood lights

Summary: The flushing lights makes the light fixture that specifies the illumination surface higher than the surrounding environment. It is also known as the
The flushing lights makes the light fixture that specifies the illumination surface higher than the surrounding environment. It is also known as the floodlight. Typically, it is aimed at any direction and has a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. Mainly used in large-area work field mines, buildings, stadiums, overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all large-area lighting fixtures for outdoor use can be seen as a light. The angle of the shot beam of the fluid has a narrower, and the variation ranges between 0 ° and 180 °, wherein the beam is particularly narrow, called a searchlight.
The flood light consists of an optical component, a mechanical component, and an electrical component 3. Optical components are mainly reflectors and shading pieces that limit light. The mechanical components are mainly housings, and the focusing mechanism fixed and adjusting the light source position, the bracket of the fixture, the base, and the part of the adjustment of the lamp beam projecting direction. For most of the transverse lights, the mechanical components also protect glass and various seals. According to the needs of the use environment, some have a metal mesh cover. A good performance-of-spot is also equipped with air filters. Electrical components are mainly ballasts, capacitors, triggers, etc.
1. Rotate the symmetry. The luminaire is mounted with a rotational symmetric reflector and a symmetry axis having a rotational symmetric light distribution is mounted along the axis of the reflector. Such a light strobe curve of such a luminaire is in the same heart. This form of light is a single lamp illumination, and the illuminated surface is made of elliptical spot, which is not uniform; but when multi-light illumination, the spot is superimposed to each other, and a satisfactory lighting effect can be generated. If you often use hundreds of rotational symmetry flood lights in the stadium, mounted on the high tower of the stadium, resulting in high lightweight, high uniformity of lighting.
2. Two symmetrical flat shapes. Such a glossary stroke such as such a light has two symmetrical planes. Most of the lamps use a symmetric cylindrical reflector and mounts the linear light source along the columnar axis.
3. A symmetric flat shape. There is only one symmetric plane with a lightweight curve of the lamp. The luminaire is made of a non-symmetric cylindrical reflector or a symmetrical cylindrical reflector coupled to a slice that limits the light. Typical is sharp off blocks back to contraction. Such light intensity distribution single light can achieve a more satisfactory illuminance distribution.
4. Asymmetrical. Such a light intensity curve of such a luminaire is not a symmetrical plane. It is mainly a mixed light fixture for different types of light sources with a large distribution of light and a particular lighting according to the use of a particular lighting requirement.