What are the advantages of LED streetlights used in street lamps Road light

Summary:The application of LED street lamp with specialight shape design can make the luminous angle of lamp deviate and improve the utilization rate of roads
The application of LED street lamp with specialight shape design can make the luminous angle of lamp deviate and improve the utilization rate of roadside ighting; According to the length width ratio of the rectangle, the light spot with the length width ratio of 2:1 can be generated, so that there will be no shadow between the adjacent light spots, and a bright light band with uniform flumination can be formed on the road.
Therefore, it is more in line with the lighting design of the curent trafic road. It does not need to incresse the height of the lamp pole to meet the requirements of a vwide ilumination range. Moreover, the lighting eficiency of the lamps and lanterns is improved and reduced Compared vwith the tradtional high-pressure sodium lamp, high-power LED street lamp has incomparable advantages:1 Because LED street lamp is s semiconductor device, its efective life can reach 50000 hours(that is, after 50000 hours, the light attenuation is less than
30%), which is much higher than sodium lamp and metal halide lamp (their life span is about 12000-15000 hours).2. Because LED street lamp is semiconductor material vwithout filament and other additional materials, it has good seismic resistance.3. The color rendering index of LED street lame can reach more than 80, which is close to natural light.
Under this condition, the human eye can easily distinguish things, which is conducive to driving safety: while the color rendering index of high pressure sodium lamp is only 20-20.4.
Traditional gas discharge lamps, such as high pressure sodjum lamps, have a preheating process when they are started, which is not conducive to intelligent control, which wastes energy and is not conducive to inteligent control: due to the essential difference in light source, LED street lamps do not have the problem of "start-up time", and can work normally immediately after power up, which is very convenient to realize intellgent energy-saving control.5. Because the traditional street lamp light source uses mercury vapor mechanism to emit light, so the treatment of waste light source is also an urgent problem in the world. At the same time, the traditional light source's luminous mechanism determines that it will emit harmful ultraviolet rays. LED street light source is so5d-state lighting, no harmful substances such as mercury and other elements, and will not emit utraviolet rays. Therefore, it is an environmental protection light source.6. In the optical system, the traditional street lamp light source is omnidirectional, half of the light is reflected through the reflector, and the reflector is to absorb part of the light, so the light loss is relatively large. Because the LED street lamp is unidirectional, the utilization ratio oflight is higher than that of traditional street lamp.7.
The light distribution curve of the traditional streetlamp is determined by the refilector, so it has certain lEmitations.
The LED streetlamp light source is a distributed ight source. Through the design of various electric light sources, the lamp light source can be made to be an ideal bat wing shape. By reasonably controling the light distmbuton, the light spot on the road suriace is rectangular. In the effective irradiation range, high iluminaton uniformity can be obtained.8. More perfect automatic control (optiona): diferent brightness can be set according to the needs of different time periods to improve the effect of energy saving. For example, it is 200W when it ison at 7pm. When there are few people at midnight, the brightness is automaticaly adjusted to 100W, and 60W of power can be saved.