How to choose a suitable LED explosion-proof lamp?

Summary: LED explosion-proof lights have gradually entered our lives and have been widely used around us. However, different LED explosion-proof lights have d
LED explosion-proof lights have gradually entered our lives and have been widely used around us. However, different LED explosion-proof lights have different uses. So, how to choose the LED explosion-proof lamp that suits you? Next, follow me to find out:
1. Pay attention to practical performance of LED explosion-proof lamp:
When using led explosion-proof lights, practicality is very important, mainly because when we use led explosion-proof lights, it is most important to choose those LED explosion-proof lights with pertinence and practicality. Only in this way can we make Our entire use has become more relaxed, so now the practicality of led explosion-proof lights is still worthy of everyone's attention. Choosing the right size and wattage and choosing the right material can make our entire use easier.
2. Pay attention to performance analysis:
The shell temperature of the LED explosion-proof lamp itself is the performance assessment of the explosion-proof lamp, because the environment where the explosion-proof lamp is installed contains flammable gas, and the heating surface of the shell itself is a source of danger. If the housing is too high, the temperature group of the whole lamp will be lowered, and the range of use will be reduced. Therefore, when the LED explosion-proof lamp manufacturers design lamps, they will increase the heat dissipation area and increase the weight of the radiator. This is the reason why the LED explosion-proof lamp is heavier than the general LED explosion-proof lamp.
3. Pay attention to reputation quality:
When choosing it, the quality of reputation is very important. If our reputation is not good when we choose, then the quality of our products cannot be guaranteed. At this time, if the quality we choose is not good enough , Then, it will make our entire use more troublesome. This is still very worthy of everyone’s attention for our current LED explosion-proof lamp purchase. We also hope that we can choose those with high-quality LEDs when choosing Explosion-proof lights.
4. Selection method:
Having said that, everyone should know that there are two key items to choose led explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof structure and temperature group. But this is still difficult for many users. Because the explosion-proof structure is more professional, you may be confused by several explanations by the salesperson; the temperature group is also, the case has a large heat dissipation, which is definitely good for the light source, but how high the temperature of the case is right, you don’t know. Here is a simpler way to tell you that, for the same power led explosion-proof lamp, you should measure the weight of the radiator. The relatively heavy one is generally good. Manufacturers of low-quality LED explosion-proof lights are not willing to spend money on radiators. This is a very simple and effective method, do you know how to choose led explosion-proof lights.