• Why use LED flood light?

    Almost all lamps used outdoors can be called floodlights. The application scenarios include square lighting, high pole lighting, airport lighting, sports field lighting, etc., which are widely used. Floodlights are mainly used for light supplementat... read more

    Aug 02,2021 News
  • Pay attention to those problems when choosing led stadium lights

    Led stadium lights are suitable for applications in many venues, such as poorly-lit outdoor stadiums, dimly lit undergrounds, etc. However, there are different models of this kind of lights, and the light and lighting range are different. Consumers ... read more

    Jul 26,2021 News
  • Precautions for purchasing and installing garden lights

    Need to be dealt with in time. Generally, you should choose a softer and warmer one, whether it is a residential area or a villa, we can see the garden lights. Try to bury it in the ground as much as possible. If the light source is too cold, it i... read more

    Jul 19,2021 News
  • The difference between LED Down light and led flood light

    What is LED flood light?LED Downlights are also called spotlights, projection lights, spotlights, etc. They are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting. They have heavier decorative components and have round a... read more

    Jul 12,2021 News
  • LED street lights will not cause environmental pollution

    Most of the street lights that appear in our lives are LED street lights, because LED street lights are different from traditional ordinary street lights. LED street lights are more energy-saving and convenient and different from ordinary street lig... read more

    Jul 05,2021 News
  • How to improve the low power of a single LED street lamp

    1. At present, the power of a single LED street lamp is low. In order to obtain high power, multiple parallel connections are required. 2. Low color rendering rate. The color displayed under the illumination of LED street lamp is not as true as tha... read more

    Jun 28,2021 News
  • The difference between street lights and landscape lights

    The height of street lights and landscape lights are different:The conventional height of street lights is 6-12 meters, and some street lights have a conventional height of 6-20 meters. However, the general height of landscape lights is 3-6 meters. ... read more

    Jun 21,2021 News
  • Comparison of LED street lights and ordinary street lights

    Generally used to evaluate LED lighting systems, they are often inspected in terms of reliability and service life, especially in the introduction of street lamp-type public facilities. In order to achieve low power consumption LED light source stre... read more

    Jun 15,2021 News