• How to distinguish inferior LED street light fixtures

    At present, the quality of LED street lamps on the market varies, and the prices of lamps with the same power are actually several times different. Whether it is the price or the quality is worrying, now I will analyze the extremely cheap LED street ... read more

    Aug 03,2022 Industry News
  • What are the reasons for the poor heat dissipation of LED street lights?

    In today's increasingly tense energy environment, saving energy is the responsibility of each of us. In response to the call for energy conservation and emission reduction, many street lamp manufacturers have replaced traditional high-pressure sodium... read more

    Jul 27,2022 Industry News
  • What are the advantages of LED street lights compared to ordinary street lights?

    Street lights are an indispensable part of our lives. In order to meet our needs in life, our street lights have gradually changed from ordinary street lights to LED street lights. Compared with ordinary street lights, LED street lights have more ben... read more

    Jul 21,2022 Industry News
  • How to improve the cooling technology of LED street lamps

    When it comes to heat dissipation of LED street lamps, many people will say that poor heat dissipation will always occur in summer, which will affect the normal operation and service life of LED street lamps.Then let's imagine, generally in the curre... read more

    Jul 13,2022 Industry News
  • What are the special application areas of led street lights?

    In addition to being used as street lights in general, led street lights also have applications in some unique aspects, mainly including ordinary maintenance and emergency, indoor equipment areas such as pump rooms, and petrochemical installation are... read more

    Jul 05,2022 Industry News
  • What are the aspects of the good safety performance of led street lights?

    People who have bought and used led street lights know that led street lights have good safety performance, so how is the safety performance of led street lights reflected? The following is a summary of the safety performance of led street lights.The... read more

    Jun 29,2022 Industry News
  • Some little knowledge of LED street lights

    LED streetlights are becoming increasingly popular as they're cheaper and more energy efficient. Ten percent of U.S. streetlights have already been converted to LEDs, and many more are on the way. While LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs,... read more

    Jun 23,2022 Industry News
  • Choice of LED Shades

    When it comes to choosing the materials for your LED lighting, the material you choose should be lightweight, slim, and durable. Different materials are more suitable for different applications, but some of the more popular ones include thermoplastic... read more

    Jun 17,2022 Industry News