How to choose LED explosion-proof lights?

Summary: The patented pin-cylinder heat dissipation design of the LED explosion-proof lamp increases the surface area for heat dissipation. There is a gap bet
The patented pin-cylinder heat dissipation design of the LED explosion-proof lamp increases the surface area for heat dissipation. There is a gap between the pin-cylinders, which can quickly generate convection and achieve multi-directional heat dissipation, thereby achieving the purpose of rapid cooling.  
Technical advantages of led explosion-proof lights:   
1. Ideal light source:   
Because the LED is a solid-state cold light source, it has a long service life, a safe low voltage, and it has a small power consumption and heat generation, high efficiency of electro-optical conversion, and low energy consumption, so use LED As the light source, the LED explosion-proof lamp is a very ideal light source. 
2. Excellent explosion-proof technology:   
The circuit sealing technology used by the Led explosion-proof lamp is a patent, and its explosion-proof technology can meet the requirements and regulations of the country. It is an electrical equipment used in a special industry. Its main function is to solve the lighting problem. 
3. Low heat dissipation:
The led explosion-proof lamp has very low heat generation, so it is a very safe explosion-proof lamp that can be used for lighting in a variety of industries.  
How to choose led explosion-proof light:  
1. Overview of led explosion-proof lights:   
The inherent performance of led explosion-proof lights is mainly reflected in the configuration of electrical appliances, but many times, everyone ignores the heat dissipation problem of led lights, especially the heat dissipation of led explosion-proof lights. 
2. Performance analysis of led explosion-proof lamp:   
The shell temperature of the led explosion-proof lamp itself is the performance assessment of the explosion-proof lamp, because the environment where the explosion-proof lamp is installed contains flammable gas, and the heating surface of the shell itself is a source of danger. If the housing is too high, the temperature group of the whole lamp will be lowered and the range of use will be reduced. Therefore, when designing lamps, LED explosion-proof lamp manufacturers will increase the heat dissipation area and increase the weight of the radiator. This is the reason why LED explosion-proof lamps are heavier than ordinary LED lamps.
3. Market analysis of led explosion-proof lights:   
Now the LED explosion-proof lamp market is rather chaotic, and LED explosion-proof lamps can basically be divided into three categories. The first type is in full compliance with national standards, from explosion-proof structure to temperature group, all meet the requirements, and the nameplate markings are also realistic; the second type of explosion-proof structure meets national standards, but in order to reduce costs and save materials, reduce wall thickness. In this way, the temperature level is low, but if the customer needs it, it will be sold at a higher temperature level; the third type is that the explosion-proof structure and temperature group do not meet the requirements, and they are completely unqualified products.

4. How to choose led explosion-proof lamp:   
Having said that, everyone should know that there are two key items to choose led explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof structure and temperature group. But this is still difficult for many users. Because the explosion-proof structure is more professional, you may be confused by several explanations by the salesperson; the temperature group is also, the case has a large heat dissipation, which is definitely good for the light source, but how high the temperature of the case is right, you don’t know. Here is the easiest way to tell you that, for the same power led explosion-proof lamp, you should measure the weight of the radiator. The relatively heavy one is generally good. Manufacturers of low-quality LED explosion-proof lights are not willing to spend money on radiators. This is a very simple and effective method, do you know how to choose led explosion-proof lights.