• Maintenance skills of led flood light

    The LED flood light is mainly composed of LED light source, LED power supply, shell, waterproof gasket and water-proof glue. The LED light source, driver quality is excellent, waterproof is made well, and the shell material is thick enough, there is ... read more

    Nov 02,2021 News
  • What are the advantages of LED street lights?

    At present, many municipal departments and large enterprises use street lamps produced by LED street lamp manufacturers as road lighting products. If we explore the reasons in depth, we can find that street lights have the advantages of low pollution... read more

    Oct 27,2021 News
  • Discussion on the problem of LED street light attenuation

    Temperature is actually the key problem of LED street light decay, and LED street lights are stuck in this link. Because the luminous power of LED street lamps is greater than that of household lamps, manufacturers have worked hard on the design of ... read more

    Oct 20,2021 News
  • High power LED fluid characteristics

    LED high-power flood lights are red, green, blue LED as an energy-saving flief of the source, which combines 36 red, green, and blue LEDs. LED high-power light can produce a variety of colors, the resulting color chase effect is used in buildings an... read more

    Oct 12,2021 News
  • Performance narrative of flood lights

    The flushing lights makes the light fixture that specifies the illumination surface higher than the surrounding environment. It is also known as the floodlight. Typically, it is aimed at any direction and has a structure that is not affected by clim... read more

    Oct 08,2021 News
  • How to choose the LED fluid

    Why does the fluid stand out in an increquit of increasingly fierce engineering lighting? This has to be derived from its qualities, and the choice of quality products is more advantageous. The modern LED flood light mainly uses a new modular design... read more

    Sep 28,2021 News
  • How do LED floodlights improve market share?

    LED flood lights are also called spotlights. In most cases, it can target any direction and have structures that are not affected by climatic conditions. LED airports are very extensive, suitable for billboards, building floodlight lighting, tennis ... read more

    Sep 23,2021 News
  • What are the requirements for the general LED street light power?

    Nowadays, there are more and more LED street lights in the city, and the traditional street lamps of high pressure sodium lights are gradually replaced. However, the current quality level of LED street lights is not very good at the market, so it is... read more

    Sep 14,2021 News